The principal aim of this site is to provide as full an on-line discography of the recorded Works of Duke Ellington as possible. Many sources have been consulted including, Massagli and Volonté’s “The New DESOR”, The DEMS Bulletin and archive, DESUK’s “Blue Light”, Ken Vail’s “Duke’s Diary”, Dr. Stratemann’s “Duke Ellington - Day by Day and Film by Film”, Mark Tucker’s “Ellington - The Early Years” and last but by no means least, David Palmquist’s excellent portal to all things Ellington at http://ellingtonweb.ca/. This includes his essential guide to the what, where of The Duke’s itinery, a work that meant I could drop a time line from this site, at http://tinyurl.com/zd5huwa

Additionally, you will be able to find all the titles Duke recorded and the names of the writers, and, eventually, the names of all his sidemen and other artists who recorded with him.

This project began on 1 January 2010 and the discography section is now complete.

As with all discographies, this will always be a work in progress and cannot be thought of as definitive. Errors and omissions are still being found, as is the occasional unreleased item, all of which will be included as and when they come to light. 

For a listing of Ellington CDs go to :-


The Duke Ellington Society


Duke Ellington Society of Sweden


"Some Day all the jazz musicians should get together in one place and get down on their knees and thank Duke.”      Miles Davis


Where known, the original author and source is given. Where it has been impossible to contact the authors or their estates or defunct publications for permission to publish on the web, it is to be hoped that they will view the re-publication as an acknowledgement of their worth as historical commentary.


8 August 2021 15:35

More corrections of dates, locations, spellings and omissions.

17 February 2021 16:00

Minor corrections, January and February 1971. Thanks, David.

16 February 2021 18:16

A reference to the equivalent DESOR index is included after numerous requests. Note that not all entries have DESOR equivalents due to later finds. 

As always, big thanks to David Palmquist for his attention to details I’ve overlooked.

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